1. Encode me back

タイトル「Encode Me Back」は「解読セヨ」です。

Hey there
let me tell you something
I know you hate to hear me
talk like this
but I've gotta do this way,
not to let them watch me spray
What I'm talking about,
is nothing but
you and me

You know, I truly wish
our songs find you alright
and grab your tails of sanity,
'cause there's definitely something wrong with every single one of us
All I can do is shout,
no matter what happens to what i do

All i can do is shout
No matter what happens to you and me

Being stuck,
struggling all around
pretending someone else,
ending up with sucking bad
but it does't stop me,
from failing and growling
all i want you to do is to help me hatch your distorted cracking shell

Behind your back,
I'll sneak into your heart
sprinkle teeny tiny seeds
before you chuck them off
and every time I pass by,
I'll make sure to water them a little
By the time the sprouts spring,
they'll peel and steal your insensitivity

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